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Dr. Fred Hueston, CFRE, substantially enhances our ability and expertise to offer planned giving support to our clients.  Fred brings decades of experience and leadership in legacy giving.

In his experience Dr. Hueston has found that a two-year campaign launches and establishes a planned giving program.   His program features the following:

Year One

(1) Dr. Hueston coordinates and produces (4) signature-ready, informative & educational planned gift letters each month to introduce both current and prospective donors to your newly created planned giving program.   The NPO Board Chair or other designee will sign these letters.   These will be “timed” mailings throughout the year.   An accompanying brochure of your choosing, with an inserted response piece, will be included with each mailing.

(2) HEP presents a two-hour, comprehensive board training Charitable Gift & Estate Planning Program annually that encompasses specific educational formats for descriptions of various planned giving instruments, new tax strategies, and donor identification techniques that will enable your board to experience first-hand knowledge about the field of charitable gift planning, including the historic transfer of wealth now underway.

(3) In conjunction with board and staff, we develop your existing “legacy” or ‘heritage’ society to identify, recognizes and cultivate individual planned gifts.   During the first year, HEP provides the creative impetus for this program including recognition piece(s), a formal reception for inductees, and regular recognition within newsletters.

(4) HEP designs and presents a public planned giving seminar, to take place with an appropriate fundraising activity, in order to begin the educational process for the ongoing identification, cultivation, and eventual solicitation of prospective planned giving donors.

(5) Throughout the first year, Dr. Hueston meets with pre-identified planned giving prospects, and he assists in the direct solicitation of these significant contributors for the enhancement of the overall endowment growth.

(6) Together with the NPO board, HEP establishes a library of materials, planned giving brochures, software program, web page, a display case or area for the sharing of information with the general public, and a comprehensive booklet, app or CD to share with professional financial advisors regarding the beneficial tax implications for contributing.

(7) Dr. Hueston directly assists the board and staff to identify known financial and estate planning professionals throughout your geographic service region.   He assists in the creation of a Professional Advisory Committee whose sole mission is to guide planned and deferred gifts toward the ultimate benefit your NPO’s endowment fund.

(8) HEP works cooperatively with the staff to further implement systematized donor research capabilities, including the adaptation of donor research methodology, to enhance the fundraising capacity of the staff.

(9) Dr. Hueston expands and/or modifies current donor prospect tracking systems for the planned giving program.

(10) HEP works in conjunction with the Board Chair, to train board members and others in the significant components of charitable gift planning and prospect awareness, identification, cultivation and proper solicitation of planned gifts directly on behalf your NPO.

Year Two

During the second year of the campaign, Dr. Hueston further expands the impact and return of your Planned Giving Implementation Program. Working with the board chair, HEP:

  • Increases the frequency and number of planned giving presentations to appropriate audiences on your behalf;
  • Promotes your heritage society to its fullest extent;
  • Expands identification and solicitation of planned giving prospects based upon the identified needs and requests of the board and staff;
  • Coordinates and directs a major social event for proper recognition of legacy society members;
  • Continues the relationship-building with individual planned giving prospects working cooperatively with the board and development staff;
  • Provides educational training regarding charitable gift planning techniques for the Professional Advisory Committee;
  • Designs additional components of the Planned Giving Implementation Program based upon in-depth review and adaptation of current and anticipated endowment growth.